Audience of One – My Dear Friend

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Daily Prompt: Audience of One

Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write him or her a letter.

My dear friend,

To go through a divorce is one of the worst experiences. And to have children suffer this is extra difficult. I’m here for you. I’m also here to tell you that as awful as it feels right now, it does get better. This time is temporary. In the scope of life, it’s fleeting; however permanent and gut-wrenching it seems.

Your job as their parent is to be their rock. Your strength is their strength. I’m not suggesting to act tough and callous. No, I’m hoping that you can be, well, average. Yes, you will hurt and cry, but for your children, keep that from being all they witness. Allow them to see you making it through this super rough time. Let them see you being strong. As you all heal, you and the kids will grow together. You will start your own routines and traditions.

So, my dearest friend, please take care of yourself. Take care of your physical needs and emotional needs. Eat right and get your rest. Consider seeing a therapist. Talking to an adult is much healthier than sharing your grown-up feelings with your kids. Consider scheduling your kids with a therapist. They need to get it out, too.

Most of all, and I do repeat myself here, remember that this is temporary. Make plans and balance the outings with time at home. You have a huge, wonderful future ahead of you. You have family and friends that love and support you. Lean on them. Call on them. We’re here for you.



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