I published my first blog in 2012. I documented my personal history with mental illness. I shared stories from my childhood. I wrote about parenting my son on the spectrum. I loved that blog.

Then, my life hit some raging rapids. It was rough. I lost my blog in 2016. I did not pay attention to the notices of RENEW NOW. I didn’t back up my content. I never saved the essays anywhere else. I was foolish and I lost it all.

After grieving for a few years, it’s time. My life is manageable and kinda-sorta calm-ish. Kids are older. Some have moved to their own nests. My mental health is not so rocky.

My environment is not as chaotic or busy as Grand Central Station. I loved that stage for our family. However, I appreciate that particular phase has passed.

I do look forward to the adventures of our future. I am excited to write new stories.

I vow to backup my blog. I promise to save it.

If you read this blog before, I do hope you will join me now, again.

If you are new, welcome.

Welcome to a calmer Grand Central.