Finding the good in other people can be a much simpler task than finding the good in ourselves.

Typically, I can identify the good in the folks around me. It’s always easiest when they are family. It’s not difficult if they are close friends. I find it not too hard when they’re new friends. This is not to be mistaken for wearing rose colored glasses. “There’s good and bad in everyone,” sing Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney in Ebony and Ivory.

When we notice that wonderful aspect of another somebody, sharing that compliment feels good to the giver and the receiver. It’s an exchange that is welcome. It’s easy.

Now, consider examining the good traits in oneself. I believe I have good qualities. Identifying and appreciating those traits? Now, that is the challenge.

Our parents taught us to avoid boasting. This is an important life skill. Yet, this rule can be taken to an extreme. For example, a woman speaking positively about herself is labeled stuck-up. So, next time, she keeps quiet. Even a man can qualify as conceited when conversing about his accomplishment. So, we save it to ourselves; self-conscious and careful with our self-descriptions. Unfortunately, we also avoid the internal dialog, “I am a thoughtful person.” “I am creative as an artist.” “I love my dog and take great care of him.”

I’m not advocating for an arrogant attitude. I believe, instead, we should intentionally consider our strengths. Our own positive traits should be recognized. We should regularly find the good in ourselves. After all, we are people, too.

Take the time now to ponder and come up with a few positive traits inside you. Use these few moments to appreciate and cherish the good in you.

I’ll do the same.

Take care of yourselves and each other,